Fine step for Muybridge

When the Spanish colonised the territory that is now Colombia, they used horses as transportation and as a weapon.
Aborigines hadn’t seen horses ever before.
In those first encounters they saw the rider and the horse as only one creature. A sort of Centaurus.

The Colombian Fine Step horse is a breed. The Fine Step, or Paso Fino (in Spanish) is not the result of training, but of genetics and human selection.
The rhythm, the body and the temperament of these horses, is the result of a hundred-year process of transformation and realisation of aesthetic paradigms and social structures.

The Colombian landscape has changed radically in the last eighty years. The constant war, technological change, demographic explosion and the drug business (among other factors) have left the Paso Fino horses stepping on concrete tracks equipped with microphones to amplify the frantic knocking for crowds celebrating or criticising.

In “Fine Step for Muybridge” and “Concert for fine step horse and horn in four movements”, these elements come together in a sound, visual and sculptural territory.

Video installation
3'45'' HD video sec. Loop.