Before the ocean was bleu

By Elina Belou and Federico Ortegon
Three channel video installation
2013, 9 min 30 sec, HD videosec. Loop.
Copyright © Elina Belou, Federico Ortegón. All rights reserved.

For the vintage, every year, temporary workers from south Spain are going to France to pick up and transport the grape manually. Due to the geometrical features of the fields, the size of grapes and the tools used in the process, the task takes place in an exact cadence.
Then, industrial machinery takes over the process until the grape juice is put to rest in big steel stainless thanks and the process slow down until the wine is ready. Then, workers are not needed.
The video goes to black and the onlooker if left with the sculpture again.
The second part of the video tells about the moment when the workers are not needed in the production process. When they are left by the system and suggest the possibility for creation and awareness in this moment.
Several cycles in different scales of time are crossing in this event. All sorts of velocities, sizes and scales are taking place in this dance.